Report a Sighting (with UFOSWIKI Report option)

Please consider investigating your sighting before reporting it. This eliminates the most common explanations and best respects the time of those who may end up reviewing your report.

Choose how to submit a report:

Post to r/UFOs

Requires a Reddit account
Use provided template
Does not contribute to database


Submit via form below
Optionally post to Reddit
Contributes to our database


Submit via their website
Some investigate sightings
Does not contribute to database


This method involves filling out the form below. Your submission will generate a report page (example) on which you will be able to optionally share on r/UFOs. These reports contribute to our public database of sightings.

Reddit Post Template

This method requires you to have a Reddit account and involves using a template to make your own Reddit post to r/UFOs. To use this method select from the options below:

Desktop Users

This will direct you to make a Reddit Text post with the body pre-filled with our sighting post template.

Mobile Users

Mobile users need to click the button to copy the template, then click the Submit Post button (to open their Reddit app), and then copy/paste the template into the post body when composing their post.

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There are no official government agencies for the public to report UFO sightings to and the FFA (Federal Aviation Administration) actually recommends reporting to an independent organization. We recommend choosing one from the options below.

NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center)

Non-profit / Founded in 1974

NUFORC is a long-standing reporting organization in the US. They have a phone hotline and guarantee anonymity to callers. They make available all their data in summary form, but more detailed information is made available to experienced UFO investigators. They have processed over 150,000 reports since they were founded.

NARCAP (National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena)

Non-profit / Founded in 1999

NARCAP claims to have logged more pilot and aviation repeated reports than any other organization. They’ve published many papers on UFOs and also established the term UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). Their mission is stated as:

NARCAP is committed to serving the aviation community, improving aviation safety, and enhancing scientific knowledge about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, UAP, through documentation, research, and advocacy. NARCAP’s dedicated volunteers are a source for quality research and credible documentation of UAP observations and incidents through careful adherence to logical analysis, technical knowledge, and standards of aviation investigations. NARCAP is entering its third decade and will continue to advocate for further research into UAP and aviation safety factors, safety planning, and education of pilots and aviation professionals by the aviation community.

TBVI (The Black Vault Investigations)

Volunteer-based / Founded in 2017

TBVI was created by UFO researcher John Greenewald, who is best known for his work related to FOIAing government documents and sharing them with the general public via The Black Vault. TBVI is a group of volunteers, including some professional investigators. Some of the reports are eventually featured here.

API (Aerial Phenomena Investigations)

Volunteer-based / Founded in 2012

API is a volunteer research organization which aims to provide scientifically sound, factual information related to UFOs. They state it is “not about either confirmation of true belief or dogmatic denial.” They produce a podcast and video series. They have a phone hotline in addition to their online reporting form. They have volunteer investigators who do follow up on specific cases. They are not a non-profit, but do not charge any fees for investigating cases.

UFO Hunters

Volunteer-based / Founded in 2013

UFO Hunters is a volunteer-based team which accepts international reports and claims to have cataloged over 200,000 cases. They are not affiliated with the History channel series of the same name.